Jun - Jun 19

Sound in Landscape (Hong Kong)





In June, as part of the first (extra)ordinary festival in Torbay, IACF is hosting a group of outstanding contemporary composers and musicians from Hong Kong. It is IACF’s first music residency inspired from Agatha Christie’s life-long love for classical music and travel. The group features three young musicians and the pioneering Hong Kong composer, performer and music activist, Kung Chi Shing.

The musicians will be exploring Torbay during the course of their residency leading to a series of outdoor performances, “Sound in Landscape” across Torbay. Hong Kong and Torbay share the status of UNESCO Global Geoparks for their outstanding geological significance. Exploring how perceptions of environment shapes sound and music, and meeting with local Torbay musicians, this residency is an opportunity to develop a dialogue between two distinct coastal landscapes.

Bou Kwan Ying graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, focusing on the instruments the Zheng, under Prof. Zu Lingzi and Chinese percussion under Ms Chin King. Bou is active in various multimedia and fusion music productions. Her outstanding performance has been recognised by the award of Academy Dean’s List (Highest among all Chinese Music Major). Bou works in a wide range of performances covering tradition, pop and rock music. She was the leader of the “Hong Kong Professional Zheng Junior” since 2015 and was awarded the “RTHK Young Music Makers“. Bou and her team achieved gold medal in professional Zheng ensemble category of “Sino-Japanese Youth Art Festival” in Japan. Her composition and performance in recent production “ZHENG and ROCK Remix” won critical acclaim. Bou performed in various of music festivals as Zheng player including Korea (Seoul, GwangJu), Japan, Taiwan, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang).


Hak Gwai aka Lau Chun Ho is a musician, educator, and street performer from Hong Kong. A proficient player of both Chinese instruments – such as the erhu and pipa – and indigenous instruments including the didgeridoo, asalato, Himalayan bowls and mouth harp, Lau is known to blend traditional instrumentation with electronic synths and beats, creating music that is bold, experimental, and different. In addition to performing solo, Lau is a big proponent for collaboration. Some of his past music endeavours include local hybrid progressive rock band Chock Ma, and tribal folk band Tuo Ling. Under the stage name HakGwai, he has performed at Clockenflap 2014, Australia Day by the Australian Consulate-General, and Freespace Fest, to name a few. His self-titled debut album “HakGwai” was released in 2014, and is a masterful blend of East and West, ancient and modern. “Spirituality and well-being” continues to be Lau’s life mantra and motivation behind his craft.




MUKZI started busking on the streets in 2015, going on to perform and write songs for his solo act and the indie band PHOON. His new band MUKZI & THE ISLAND have a sonic palette ranging from hearty folk ballads to vibey R&B. His music dwells with genuine emotions and pop sensibility throughout. MUKZI is set to record his debut EP in 2018.



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kung Chi Shing is a composer, performer and music activist. Kung studied classical music and composition in the United States with Allen Trubitt and George Crumb. He is known particularly for his work in the music and performance group ‘The Box’, which he founded with Peter Suart in 1987, and since 2009 as founder and curator of the ‘Street Music Series’ of free public concerts in Hong Kong. Since May 2009, Kung started to organise free outdoor concerts and has since curated more than 150 concerts in various locations, including the continuous monthly free street concert series outside Hong Kong Arts Centre. In 2008, he set up the Kung Music Workshop to discover and nurture new music talents and to bring music to new audiences outside of established formats, venues and channels. This pioneering organisation in Hong Kong that curate concerts and performances comprises different genres of music and arts at different venues, including non-traditional concert locations. It provides platforms for established and emerging artists to present their work and organises exchange programmes for international artists. Kung has collaborated frequently with choreographers, directors and theatre artists, and has performed his music in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Cuba, Tashkent, New York, London, Berlin and Venice.

Sound in Landscape has been supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region