Past Festival Events


Installation, Workshop | 13 Sep 17
Encounters Arts explore our love of objects and the extraordinary stories they tell. This evolving installation unearths artefacts kept by people from Torbay and further afield.
Exhibition, Film, Installation | 13 Sep 17
IACF takes over Torre Abbey's galleries, with exhibitions and interventions throughout the building inspired by Agatha Christie’s motivations and passions.
Talk | 13 Sep 17
A mysterious note left on a motorcycle begins a mind-opening journey across the complexities and wonders of one of the countries Agatha Christie most loved - Iran.
Talk | 14 Sep 17
Writer and historian Janet Morgan reflects on the processes, insights gained and legacy of writing the only official biography, and forthcoming new edition, of Agatha Christie’s life.
14 Sep 17
An open platform to celebrate new voices inspired from Agatha Christie’s 1946 travel book, “Come, tell me how you live”.
Performance | 14 Sep 17
Agatha Christie was no stranger to packing up one’s bags and seeking inspiration from distant horizons. This solo theatre performance is a tender and intimate story of ambition and 21st century love.
15 Sep 17
A journey of discovery for explorers of all ages through artworks and performances around the coastal area of Torbay.
Game | 15 Sep 17
Can you solve the mystery in this immersive group experience inspired from the ingenious puzzles of Agatha Christie?
Performance | 15 Sep 17
A durational reading of one of Christie’s most well-known ‘late’ works. Created with Valmai Jones, John Rowley, Mary-Anne Roberts and guest readers.
Exhibition, Music, Outdoor | 16 Sep 17
Over the festival weekend, the historic gardens of Torre Abbey will come alive with m...
Families | 16 Sep 17
Enjoy International Agatha Christie Festival for Families on Saturday and Sunday at T...
Exhibition, Talk | 17 Sep 17
Designer Esna Su discusses her intricate wearable sculptures crafted through traditional Turkish techniques of weaving, twining, crochet and needlework.
Music, Outdoor | 17 Sep 17
Experimental Iranian folk guitarist performs a rare concert on the outdoor stage of the IACF Garden Party.