14 Sep 17 & 2 more


14 Sep 17 & 2 more


If you are a poet, writer, musician, performer, artist or any other maker who has made – possibly unfinished – a song, or short story or has some kind of tale to tell or something unheard, for this year’s festival, we are looking for new stories, particularly from across Torbay – as well as guests travelling from overseas – inspired from Agatha Christie’s 1946 travel book, “Come, Tell Me How You Live”. It might be inspired from Agatha Christie, her life and work; or your own story relating to travel, crime and mystery, contemporary literature, innovative voices from women in literature and the arts. Each day will be an open platform for short presentations to celebrate and invite new voices to share stories.

Day-by-Day schedule for Platform includes:

Thurs 14 Sept:

Damon L. Wakes Ten Little Astronauts” is a re-imagining of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” set in space. The novella condenses Christie’s murder mystery into a tense, hard sci-fi thriller. Flash fiction writer and author of other experimental stories, Damon L. Wakes will describe the challenges of adapting this intricate mystery into an unusual setting, as well as the work’s ongoing journey into publication.

Fri 15 Sept:

Nuril Basri is a contemporary Indonesian writer of short stories and novels. Born in 1985 in a small village in Tangerang, Indonesia, he has worked as an internet shop operator, cashier, private tutor, a secretary in a Korean embassy, account manager, etc. Nuril will read from one of his recent novels “Bukan Perjaka” (recently translated and published into English as “Not a Virgin”) and which follows the everyday life of Ricky, a 17 year-old boy who enrolls in an Islamic residential school to get away from his parents.

Gardening Can be Murder! Detecting the horticultural clues sown throughout the stories of Agatha Christie, from the importance of plant knowledge in solving crime (flowers and foul play) to how to commit (or solve) murder with the aid of a vase of flowers. Dr Ruth Brompton-Charlesworth FLS is a keen gardener and fan of Agatha Christie, she has a large suburban garden in Doncaster and while she does grow Digitalis and Aconitum she hasn’t buried anyone in her herbaceous border.

Sun 17 Sept:

Writing Travel, Writing Performance – a sharing of works developed through the course of this 3 day workshop led by poet and theatre-maker Chanje Kunda.
Stars Fell on Alabama Blazing a trail through space, ancient Egypt, a mysterious event in early 20th century Siberia and the very human story of Mrs Ann Hodges, the only NASA-verified meteorite strike victim in history… a story told through words and image by artist and writer Sarah Gillett.


If you would like to present as part of Platform please write to info@iacf-uk.org