Performance | 14 Sep 17

Amsterdam: Chanje Kunda

Performance | 14 Sep 17

Amsterdam: Chanje Kunda

Agatha Christie was no stranger to packing up one’s bags and seeking inspiration from distant horizons. Chanje Kunda’s Amsterdam is another kind of journey, set in the 21st century between Manchester and the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, yet no less a story of intrigue, longing and ambition.

I am not the object of desire – I am desire …

Amsterdam explores What happens when you abandon your responsibilities to chase your dreams? Life is about taking risks. This is a big one. Seduced by the attractions of Amsterdam and a charming Surinamese man she met on holiday, Chanje liberates herself of all the possessions that define her, in favour of a voyage into the unknown. What will be her fate? AMSTERDAM fuses theatre, spoken word and music into a tender, intimate and universal story of 21st century love.


“Amsterdam is so lively and moving that there can be no barriers to audiences having a very good time indeed.”

Dave Cunningham, What’s On Stage. * * * *


“Chanje Kunda’s show Amsterdam is a tour de force of storytelling – a tale that has it all.”

Russell Thompson, Apples and Snakes London.


“Richly textured, poignant, funny, gloriously descriptive, cleverly constructed.”

Judy Gordon, Write Out Loud.


“Lust, love, infidelity and motherhood are themes we’re all familiar with. Bearing all her thoughts and feelings throughout this journey though, however embarrassing, unmotherly, naive or brash is what makes Chanje’s simple story an inspirational experience.”

Lloyd Lewis-Hayter, Afridiziak. * * * *


Chanje Kunda is a poet, playwright and performance artist based in Manchester. Some of her performances include features at The Royal Albert Hall, London and the Calabash Literature Festival, Jamaica. In 2015, she won the BBC’s Verb New Voices Award. Her collection of poetry Amsterdam was published by Crocus Books. The performance adapted from this collection of poems has toured both the UK and internationally including Southbank Centre, London, the National Arts Festival of South Africa, and at the Harare International Festival of Arts in Zimbabwe.