14 Mar 2021

Volunteering at the 2021 International Agatha Christie Festival

The Festival Office for the 2021 International Agatha Christie Festival has published details of how to apply to volunteer.

The Festival takes place between 11 and 18 September across the English Riviera. Details of the many events in the 2021 Festival will be published online soon.

Volunteers decide what they would like to help with – from publicity to managing Festival events to acting as an escort for some of the big name guest artists, writers and performers taking part. No previous experience is needed, nor do volunteers need to be an authority on the work of Agatha Christie!

Details of how to apply to become a Volunteer are set out on the Festival’s Volunteering page

NOTES: Agatha Christie Festival Ltd is a charity. Our aim is to use the extraordinary power and reach of Agatha Christie’s global reputation to:

  • promote local engagement and participation in literature and the arts;
  • help the recovery and growth of the local economy and wider efforts to increase tourism; and
  • support work to understand and promote the area’s literary and geological heritage.

To achieve this, and working with private, public and third sector partners in Torbay and South Devon, we:

  • stage an annual festival for local people and Christie’s legion fans across Britain and around the world to celebrate Christie’s life and legacy, including high profile speakers and performances of her plays and poetry;
  • use Festival receipts and other funding to create and deliver a series of arts participation and performance community projects, including support for young people from a disadvantaged background, older people and people on an alcohol/drug recovery programme; and
  • strive to maximise the Festival’s contribution to the local economy by sourcing goods and services locally wherever possible and by creating work experience and other opportunities for local young people in relation to Festival publicity, Festival events, and, where possible, Festival projects.